Rolex Strap and Buckle

replica rolex watches Sturdy, comfortable and elegant
A Rolex watch is a unique pleasure to wear, thanks to its bracelet and buckle.
The ergonomic design, sturdiness, reliability, elegance and characteristic brilliance.
These qualities not only make the watch extremely comfortable to wear, but also give it an exceptional personality.
Iconic bracelets with a strong personality
Rolex has gone to great lengths in the design of its straps and buckles. Form meets function.
Each model brings the Rolex aesthetic to life. Whether it’s the rounded corners, the
Polished or satin-brushed surfaces, or with safety clasp and concealed buckle, or with easy retractable strap adjustment.
The Rolex system covers all aspects of a watch that is both comfortable to wear and elegant to look at. Rolex
The straps are highly recognizable. Each model has its own aesthetic elements, shape and style.

Rolex Strap and Buckle

Oyster Strap
Introduced in the late 1930s, this extremely robust bracelet, consisting of three rows of wide, flat links, has remained the most widely used of the Oyster straps. The Oyster bracelet is particularly used in the professional collections, such as the Submariner, Explorer, Yachtmaster and Cosmograph Daytona, as well as in classic models such as the Journal, Day-Date and Sky-Dweller, and is compatible with all Rolex models (Oyster buckle, Oyster safety buckle or crown buckle) and with Easylink. Easy-adjust links.
Commemorative straps
A commemorative bracelet with five rows of metal links for smooth lines and a comfortable fit. It was designed for the Oyster Perpetual Calendar model introduced in 1945 and is fitted with a hidden crown clasp.
The füssball bracelet
The refined and distinguished Führer bracelet, consisting of three rows of metal links with a semi-circular outline, was designed for the Oyster constant-motion day of the week calendar wristwatch introduced in 1956. Today, the Führer bracelet is still only used with the Day Date and some Lady’s Journal models in precious metal, and only with the hidden crown clasp.
Pearl Lady bracelet
A sophisticated and glamorous Lady of Pearl bracelet with five rows of rounded metal links, designed for the Lady of Pearl Journal introduced in 1992. The Lady of Pearl bracelet is always fitted with a hidden crown clasp.
Oysterflex straps
Developed and patented by Rolex in 2015, the new Oysterflex bracelet for Yachtmaster models is no less robust, reliable and water-resistant than a metal bracelet. It is as flexible and aesthetically pleasing as a rubber strap, yet as durable as a metal bracelet. High-performance black rubber covers the metal plates for durability and a secure fit. For added comfort, the Oysterflex strap is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushioning system that secures the watch to the wrist. It is also equipped with an 18 ct eternal pink gold Oyster safety clasp to prevent accidental opening of the watch.

Introduced in the late 1930s, this extremely robust bracelet, consisting of three rows of wide, flat links, has remained the most widely used of the Oyster straps.

A beautiful and functional buckle
Rolex’s well-designed buckles are designed to match every strap.
Thus meeting different wearing needs. These buckles, while providing security.
Maximum comfort and ergonomics, in keeping with the aesthetic style of each watch.
The reliability of the buckle is tested by tens of thousands of open and closed tests.
Currently, Rolex has several different types of buckles.

Oyster style with buckle
The new generation of Oyster folding concealed buckle opens with a single operating clasp, making it easier to operate and more secure to wear. The Oyster buckle is paired with an Oyster strap and a leather strap.
Oyster safety clasp
To prevent the buckle from opening accidentally, the Oyster has an additional safety catch in addition to the folding safety catch. The new generation of Oyster carabiners is also equipped with a sophisticated device consisting of 15 miniature parts. The snap-operated buckle helps the wearer to operate the buckle easily. This technologically advanced buckle is compatible with the Oyster straps of several professional watches.
Crown Buckle
The new generation of crown clasps has an open and closed folding clasp cleverly concealed beneath the Rolex crown-shaped operating clasp, with only the delicate crown visible on the strap. The crown buckle is used on day calendar watches with commemorative or head of state straps. The 2013 leather strap is equipped with a new adjustable folding crown clasp for easy length adjustment.

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