Introducing the Rolex Chronograph Cosmograph in steel

Recently, I received a replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches Cosmic Chronograph steel model Di Tong Na, which has been selling at an increased price due to its high reputation and hype. The name is famous, the quality is not weak, interest is natural, so I gave the watch some honest evaluation within the detectable range.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Chronograph Dittona (steel model)

Caliber: Rolex 4130
Power reserve: 72 hours
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour
Crown: triple lock
Case: 904L stainless steel
Strap: Oyster bracelet with oyster clasp and Easylink extensions
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Glasses & Bezels
The Daytona has a clear, flat glass face that rises about 1.5 mm above the edge of the bezel; the perimeter of the lens is polished, rounded and smooth to the touch. When viewed from the side, it has a slightly white tint, in contrast to the light tan color usually found on a glass. When the chronograph is turned on, the long seconds hand underneath the glass almost seems to gurgle against the surface, giving a strong impression of impact. The bezel measures approximately 38.6 mm (without the shoulder guard), with a broad-sided tilted face and lime coloured indices and lettering. The use of this rarely-used lap is an indication of the watch’s relationship to a famous race. The outside surface is mirror-polished and is covered with fingerprints at the slightest touch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Chronograph Dittona (steel model)

At first glance, the small three-eyed counters with black dials and white circles are unobtrusive and lack the elegance of a watch you would normally see. Of course, this face, which has remained unchanged for several generations, also reflects the rigidity and weight of the House of De Tona, which is known as “the commonplace of elegance”.

The triple-eyed white ring is concentric and radially metallic, slightly below the black dial. This is the ultimate interpretation of the classic black and red combination, understated and timeless. Interestingly, in the symmetrical design of the timepiece, the center of the chronograph and minute ring is slightly higher than the entire dial, which is one of the most obvious ways to distinguish a low-end copy. The dial is also very well written, with a clean and clear face, whether it be the “ROLEX” script at the bottom of the crown or the large standard instructions below. On this poorly glazed dial, the characters are meticulously printed horizontally and vertically without any ink spillage or blurred lines, showing that Rolex has done a remarkable job. The seconds hand on the dial, measuring approximately 18.5 mm, is thin and sharp, with an arrow-shaped point at the front and a prismatic counterbalance at the end that has been polished to a brilliant shine. There is a slight gap between the bezel and the dial, but it is difficult to find the edges. The five laser-engraved letters “ROLEX” on each side of the bezel are evenly distributed, with the crown logo at the top and the prefix code at the bottom, corresponding to the card. 116520 is smaller than 116610.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Chronograph Dittona (steel model)


The lugs are 46mm long and 6mm thick at their thickest point, and the entire front face is covered by a large, almost invisible hood, with a hidden seam where the lugs meet. The joints are rounded at the corners and the lugs are particularly rounded, just as they are on the dress model. The front and sides of the case are polished and mirror-polished to reveal the silhouette. The skin contact areas such as the underside of the case are brushed with a circular grained finish, and the base is low and inverted, only 2.5mm high, almost on the same side as the tips of the ears. The edges of the gear ring are chamfered, so there is no tugging sensation. Despite its 12.5mm thickness, the Dittona is extremely comfortable on the wrist, thanks to the arched case and the low, flat bottom cover.


The straps are the usual 3-panel straps for sports models, polished in the middle row and fine-grained and brushed on the sides. Each compartment is about 10mm long, slightly arched, mirror-polished, with all edges and edges bluntly treated, making it smooth to the touch. The width of the strap is 19.8mm at the beginning and 15.4mm at the end. The whole chain is contracted from the beginning to the end of the strap, with even and moderate gaps between the compartments, and no mutual bumping after repeated folding. The buckle is still the old style, not as wide and thick as the new one, but much stronger than the 14060. There is an eye-catching small crown welded on the safety clasp, which is significantly smaller than the new one, measuring about 4.5X4.4 mm and positioned almost flush with the strap. I remember when I first came across Rao, I didn’t understand the function of the safety clasp, and I didn’t dare to pull on it, so I didn’t know how to open the strap. The clasp is also equipped with a quick-adjust feature, which allows the watch to slide back and forth by gently mentioning it. A little different except for the workmanship, the folding band has an extra reinforced round button, and is stamped all over. In terms of workmanship, each part of the folding clasp is beveled and mirror-polished on both the inside and outside, an area that is often overlooked, but where Rolex has remained meticulous.

Grips & Keys

The handle is 8mm thick and is a locking handle that can be used with all sports models. The upper strings feel soft and soft, sound. Loosen the head can see the rubber ring, pull open the first gear more easily, the second gear just relatively stiff, but better than the international. The two buttons of the code table is straight grain internal locking type, internal screwing can lock the button, external screwing can release the button for operation. This design easily solves the weakest link of water resistance of the stopwatch. The buttons are light,perfect fake watches crisp and flexible, thanks to the toughness and elasticity of the bar-reed material of the 4130 chronograph movement and the sensitivity and sturdiness of the clutch mechanism. Most brands are difficult to control, as the pushers are either empty or jammed, and few are as flexible as this one. However, the feel of the zero pushers is firm and needs improvement. The central long seconds hand and the chronograph minute hand are fast and smooth, with a quick return to zero in a matter of seconds and a slight jump, almost impossible to see.


The Rolex Daytona is a finely crafted and precise timepiece. When worn on the wrist, it makes the wearer look more and more powerful, making it a watch full of unique charm.